Friday, August 26, 2011

Further Adventures Of Declan- Repost

This is from back in 2009. I was asked to name 3 of my favorite posts and this one came to mind first. Declan does not sit on the back of my bicycle anymore, and I have to admit I miss having him back there. We had many wonderful, silly and very bonding conversations with one another while he was back there. It is fantastic to see him riding his own like a pro but I will always think of my Bat as a bicycle built for two.

Today's installment of Declan's life on the back of a bike- harmonica playing! Declan has decided, for now, to be a "Blues Man". Today, I was serenaded whenever I got tired toiling up the hills. Not a bad way to ride along on errand day : ) I will try to be a better camera person, next time!


  1. i remember you posting this awhile back and i loved it as much now as i did then. and now he's so much bigger, it's rather nice to have this little kid moment captured. so precious!

  2. This is my absolute favorite post ever! He is such a silly boy and I love him for it!