Tuesday, August 30, 2011

barnard and bike rides!

a new chapter of my alma mater's alumni group has sprung up. the school was the big reason i was in for nyc for 8 years before heading on out here to the wild west. when i heard about the new group, i jumped at the opportunity to join since i truly loved my college experience.

i rode my bike in nyc a little bit, not during school, but when i lived in brooklyn. funnily enough, that bike was bought here in san francisco post-graduation, traveled with me up to seattle and portland and then to austin to brooklyn. then back to berkeley. phew. then it got stolen. sad face. although now my bikes better suit me than that one would if i had it now, i STILL look for it. it was stolen out of my padlocked shed. sad face. (side note: padlocks don't work in california)

anyway, this is all going in that my two loves, bikes and barnard, are going to intersect. i'm hosting a bike ride y'all. it's gonna be short and sweet and involve coffee and beer. yum.

did you go to barnard and live in the bay area? if so, please join us! facebook event here. don't do the FB? well, there's eventbrite tickets available too. see you and your guests on the ride!

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