Sunday, August 14, 2011


It is with great sadness that I opened our email today. Long time friend to the blog, Val Kleitz has passed away from cancer. Val was a never ending source of stories and photos of his unique, and wonderful view of bicycle life in Seattle. His hat and handlebar mustache always made me smile, even if I only got a chance to see them on my computer. The Labor Day Cargo Bike ride in Seattle will be dedicated to his memory.

The below picture and email were sent to us by Val in May , 2010. It is the picture I always had in my head whenever I saw a new comment from Val on a post. Good journeys, friend. You will be missed.

Today, as I was walking through the local grocery store, I had to pause for a moment to give a couple of very young girls a chance to consolidate themselves to one side of the aisle. They looked to be 3 and 4 years old, out shopping with their dad. The older one (who had the task of carrying the basket) looked up at me as I passed and said "Cow..boy". I get this a lot from the small ones, and I always just walk away proud, thinking "Yep, well spotted, kid". This time, as I walked away, I heard the dad telling her "No, no - that's that dude on the bike, you remember, you've seen him...". Now I'm thinking "Oh HELL yes!" Say what you like, but I seriously believe that the cowboy hat makes me much more visible, and therefore keeps me safer, than any bike helmet.


  1. you are a cowboy. dude on a bike, not so sure. also RIP Val.

  2. Daniel Kopald did this incredible interview with Val, it worth watching to see his bicycle.

  3. oh val. your presence was always welcome here on the blog. say hi to my dad up there. you two share the same nickname.

    ride on my friend. --CTX