Monday, March 1, 2010

scenes from the bikey lane: monday march madness edition.

hey y'all. can you believe it's march already?! wow, 2010 is speeding by like a certain famous bikey dude riding his cargo bike down the wiggle the other day. vroom vroom.

ok then, let's get to it:

1. light grey skies, dark gray asphalt outlined with yellow stripes next to dewy and fresh smelling green grass. nice change of scenery.

2. sausage fest throughout said above route.

3. 3 women, 1 male at page and octavia.

4. 5 women, 0 males at 7th and market.

5. 6 women, 2 men at 5th and market.

6. red mixte seen inside bank: 1

7. baskets seen: 4. two were on the same bike.

8. mixtes spotted: 2. upright handlebars on those bikes: 2.

9. cords worn: 1 pair. (brand unknown. not pink)

see anything fun or different on your commute this morning?


  1. haha! nice Gary Fisher reference.

  2. haha. dingding! byebye gary toronado fisher! he was so fast that day...

  3. How great it must be to see such numbers of female riders! It still seems like a male-dominated scene here in my small Pacific NW town and even in pdx itself. Though there are more of us all the time!

  4. i saw lots of angry people bitching at the muni stop. i wanna stop and tell them that by the time muni comes, you can go get coffee and ride your bikey downtown, while seeing all these awesome things around the city while amusing yourself. all before even getting to work. oh people get a bike!!

    march madness hells yes - gimme lotsa basketball pleeeeez :D

  5. @emma j: it is refreshing to see a lot of women riding around on their way to work. but my first few minutes through a newish route were definitely male filled, and i was a little bummed thinking, "where my chicas at?" but when i got closer to market street (aka, a main artery of SF), i saw a whole bunch of women. and it pleasantly surprised me. yay :)