Saturday, March 27, 2010

From Chile with love.

We have received a lovely story from Fernando in Chile.
I hear that Chile has plenty of crazy hills similar to here, in San Francisco. This makes me happy because hauling those hills is a pain in the butt, but very worth the while. Awesome!
"After twists and turns with wooden stairs, we rested on the side depleted, exhausted, but happy to enjoy the unique view. Here Andres said the dancing water fountain Salvador - Providence"

Read more of their adventure, tire punctures included (I have linked the English translation) here: Adventures on two wheels
But, if you read en EspaƱol, here is the original post: Aventuras sobre dos ruedas

Muchas gracias Fernando!! :D

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  1. You gotta love this world wide movement! It makes sense no matter where you live- bicycles are wonderful! Much less so than the people who ride them : )