Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pass It On

Because it is summer, it is time for the annual Passing Down Of The Bicycle.  Úna and Declan have both grown to the next bicycle level (although, Declan was forced ahead a bit prematurely).  We were fortunate to be able to provide new rides from our own stable!

Declan is temporarily riding Úna's old Specialized, now that it is no longer on loan to other kids.


The frame is a great size and the bike is solid and well geared for our rides but the hand brake problem is not resolved.  The muscles of a child's hands are just not large enough to provide the strength for repeated braking in city traffic.  When we got the bike back we discovered we had incorrectly remembered horizontal drop outs on it.  We had thought we could put a hub with a coaster brake on it.  Nope.  He also gets very frustrated with not being able to shift when stopped.  He is not old enough to anticipate gearing needs after stopping or just before hill climbing.  So, even though the bicycle is a great fit otherwise it is not a long term solution (that is being put together over this week!).

Crinkle Nose

Úna has grown a whole bunch, too.  It is quite... disquieting (example below).


Much to her dismay, she has grown out of her beeeeautiful Araya mixte.


After several years of expressing hopeful love of my old mixte, the two have been joined in bikey matrimony,

Posture, Posture

As S.A.M. is the largest mixte frame Raleigh ever produced I think this will be the last time I have to relinquish one of my bicycles to my kids.  She loves everything about her new bicycle, she even got my Brooks saddle and Acorn bag.  I hesitate to say she is spoiled, but sheesh!

Vintage Basket Bike People

Thus, the torch has been passed.  Another year of family bicycles has been provided!


  1. What year and model is your S.A.M.? Been looking for a tall mixte. Thanks:-)

    1. We can only guess at it's vintage. We think it is an early 80's (83?) Grand Prix. The only thing we know for sure is it is a Raleigh. The paint is shot and hard to identify.

  2. SAM and Úna look great with eachother!

  3. Indeed, your children are growing into tomorrow's bicycle riding adults! Well done!

  4. Both of those mixtes are simply gorgeous. Your daughter is spoiled indeed--but in a good way.

  5. I just bought a vintage Raleigh Sprite Mixte and was wondering if you know how to correctly identify the year of manufacture. I think mine was made somewhere between 1974-1977. It's a beautiful emerald green color.

  6. You're a better parent than me. My daughter's bike was stolen at college this year; I couldn't part with one of mine. We had to get her one of her own!

  7. Let's us know if the Araya is ever up for sale. Tis a beaute!

    1. It is currently on loan for a few weeks and may end up where it is permanently. If not, I will let you know!