Wednesday, July 18, 2012

500 miles in july?

so over on google plus (psst, we're there, check us out!), there's a little event going on. below info from the event page:

July is TdF season -- but it's now also (and much more importantly) the running of the Inagural #bikecommutercabal 500 Miles In July Challenge!

Can we ride 500 miles -- each -- in July? Let's give it a shot!

All the miles you ride count, not just commuting miles, so let's get out there and roll!

has been interesting to see how many miles i really do put in. i was gone for three days this week, so unable to put any miles in (although 20 miles backpacking should count for something!).

Indeed. Days of it & @prawnpie #wilderness
riding hiatus

Yesterday's morning looked a lot different than today's.

i forgot i basically ride 6-10 miles a day just for commuting. that's not counting going out, running errands, bike parties, test riding and of course, riding around on the weekends, and during the week. ok, so i guess i ride a lot. and that stuff adds up riteqwik.

i don't have a bike computer on this bike, but i have a spreadsheet in the cloud that's keeping track of this stuff.

i'm training for the marin century. third year in a row. second one where i am attempting 100 miles. i have been training whenever i can get a spare minute. i counted backpacking as cross training. but if i have a couple of spare hours, i'm firmly planted on the brooks saddle trying to break that sucker in. for the record: ouch. first time i've been researching chamois butter type stuff. interesting to talk about hoo ha with the inevitably male bike shop staff.

according to spreadsheets and simple maths, i need to average 16 miles a day in order to hit 500 miles by end of july. i'm not where i should be, and i suspect that's from the three day hiatus. so tonight is a butterlap to make up for some miles and then two rides scheduled for this weekend.

if you told me four years ago i'd be backpacking as cross training for riding 100 miles in one day, i would have told you you were crazy. maybe i still am, but it's my reality right now. pretty fun i must say. no gym membership needed.


Granite in Z formation. #nofilter #lake


  1. where is this? I feel like I've been to that lake.

  2. Emmigrant wilderness. Iceberg lake.

  3. I never use to use chamois butta but I swear by it now for really long rides. very important to put it on your chamois and not you.

    1. i ended up getting the "hoo ha glide" (love that name, btw) and it says to use it on my lady parts, or hoo ha if you will, and the shorts. i went on two rides this past weekend, and nary a complaint from my nether regions. i LOVE it. and it smells all nice and like tea tree oil.