Sunday, July 15, 2012

Don't Spit Into The Wind

Every now and then the kids like to be the teachers. They like to share. Yesterday Declan wanted to share some new found knowledge with us as we came home from a day out in the world.

San Francisco has been one giant Dyson vacuum for the last month. The winds have been vicious and seem to always been in our faces. I was telling Declan we needed to start carrying handkerchiefs with us after he complained about his "snifflies" from all the wind.

"No, Mom! You just hold half of your nose and blow really hard.". Declan was showing me how to blow the age old standby of the cyclist, the Snot Rocket.

Too bad no one ever told him to never blow one into a headwind. Oops!


  1. He also needs to know not to tug on Superman's cape - and never, EVER, pull the mask off of no Lone Ranger.

    And I really like that expression - Snot Rocket. It's so ... descriptive.

  2. As Declan hates superheroes (????) we are OK on the cape front : )

    "Snot Rocket" is one of those things that is exactly what you think it is when you hear it. No doubt.

  3. :D "Too bad no one ever told him to never blow one into a headwind. Oops!" :D

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