Sunday, October 2, 2011

Park It Here

Bicycle parking. It can be challenging to get a good spot and more often than not, you have to get creative. I have no problem taking up car spaces when needed.

Equal Parking

Neither did this rider! One very long recumbent with trailer needs just as much space as a pickup sometimes. Seen outside McDonald's in Sand City, CA. It is nice to see a little SF style guerrilla parking outside of the SF Bay Area.

1 comment:

  1. I do this every morning at our Kindergarten. There's a 'no parking' area in front of the door where there is also access to the cycle parking area.

    I used to be good and park in the cycle parking until I realised I was waiting every day for someone to come and move their Mercedes so I could get out. So now just park in the no parking zone.

    One time I couldn't even get into the area, so I parked the Bakfiets right against the drivers door and let him wait a few minutes before I went out to collect it.