Thursday, January 6, 2011

mexico city bike share

a reader/guest contributor went to mexico city during the recently holiday break and sent in a picture.

"they've got bikes here"

we've heard of this mexico city bike share (link in spanish) for awhile now. glad to see some fotos in the flesh. ¡¡viva méxico!!

thanks for the submission, and keep sending them in guys!


  1. esooooooooo. GO DF! <3

    thx for sharing dear contributor ;-) see ya at butter soon!

  2. Ha, my pleasure! There were tons there. Loved it.

  3. i was in mexico city for a short stay and was saddened because i did not find the bikes(for the record, i didn't ask or research first. i thought they would surely be near the capital,but no luck. :-( i had a wonderful time!

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  5. Chilangos Unite! This is great, I can't wait to text ride one of this sexy machines later this year. I will send pictures.