Sunday, June 7, 2009

What You See When You Haven't Got Your Gun

It is fun to see the word from my saddle. All kinds of things that you can't stop for in a car or on a bus are just waiting for you when you ride your bike.

I was on my way home from an event that was over before I got there. The Mission was showing every sign of Summer beginning. El Salvador won something, football I assume, and there were cars honking and El Salvadoran flags waving out of cars. Every corner had a street performer of some sort, including a poet standing on his head.

There was a Felliniesque band. They were pretty good.

Mission Dolores decided to be more colourful. Maybe it could hear the upside down poet.

What do you see when you are out? What do you stop for when you are out riding that you wouldn't see, otherwise?


  1. I see lots when I'm out riding!

  2. I love this BLOG!!!! You are so right!!! Now I dont ride without taking my Camera.


  3. Every once in a while I leave my camera at home, usually because I am in a hurry and can not afford the distraction. I always regret it!

    I am amazed daily at how much of San Francisco there is for me to learn about despite having lived here my whole life! There is not a day that goes by that I don't see something new that makes me realize how much I love cycling through life : )

  4. Where I live, it's deers.

    No, seriously.

    Deer are skittish critters, very wary usually. But you can ride right up to them on a bike, and they just give you this wide-eyed "WTF???" look until the last second, then they jump and run.

    I once snuck up on some deers taking a drink in the Mississippi River when I was canoeing. Same thing. Just that patented "WTF" look, only then the wind changed and I felt the breeze on my back and with a huge splash and flailing of hooves the deers were back in the woods.

    I don't care who you are, that's fun.

  5. They are probably wondering "Why doesn't he drive a truck? That's what usually hits us" ; )

  6. paddy's peleton/ you got some aweseom pics in your blog, just checked the cow one hilarious!!! send us some from the lone star state yes? :D

  7. I try to take pictures but often I am not fast enough. Thankfully there are times you don't have to stop, you can just enjoy as you go by.