Friday, June 12, 2009


We do not refer to the adorable leaf chewing black and white beasts of China (although they are cute and deserve a blog of their own and probably have one out there someplace). We speak, instead, of the cycling in progress self portrait type. Everyone shoots one, eventually. There is at least one Flickr group devoted to these wonderful shots. This month, I asked our Flickr group members to submit their own Pandas so we could see them all in action out in the world.

I love Panda shots because they show us as true people. They are pictures of us at our best, in motion, comfortable in our skin. Pandas are proof that we indeed "can"- we can be strong, we can be fast, we can be self sufficient, we can be beautiful.

photo by Madness Rivera

photo by Amsterdamize

photo by Johnclimber

photo by calitexican

photo by the Goat Whisperer

photo by bikepilot

And then , there is Meli and me!

Now go take a picture of yourself on your bike! Now!


  1. Wow. I didn't know they actually had a name for this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i love that you said everyone eventually takes one. it's soooo true! i never thought i would, but the bicis and i just spend so much time together that it just makes sense.

  3. ♥something we can all relate to!
    pandas rock! yes, keep them coming everybody ;D

  4. love the featured pics. Esp that first one! Go pandas!

  5. I love these shots, all the Pandas you featured are awesome! Do you know where the term Panda originated (how, if at all, is it related to a bike self-portrait?)

    Now I will attempt to do this myself but I don't know if my results will be at all as gorgeous as the ones in this post! S.

  6. hi chic! the word panda, is kinda coined in
    the flickr-verse, as we know it. just fun people on bikes connecting with a moment that we can all identify with. anyhow, here is: [what is a panda]
    also, more on the left column
    we ♥them!!

  7. Ok now I did some pandas too (and borrowed one of yours!). I had lots of fun. Pandas are a blast!

  8. wow tooooooooo cute!!!

    I love Panda... and just bought a Morn Creations Panda Bag here:

    Nice to meet you.