Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let's change the world, one bike at a time.

Thanks to the interwebs, I have met people around the world sharing and connecting with the same passion: bicycles. It never ceases to amaze me the power of this tool, to interact with so many peeps out there. Here are some news around the globe, that have caught my eye, and wanted to share with you all. Let's change the world and ride bikes. ♥Cheers!

City government hopes new lanes will convice commuters to pedal. Mexico City, already a big proponent of bicycle lanes since the launch of the "Ciclovía" in 2004, is developing plans for dedicated bike lanes along four of the city´s busiest thoroughfares.

City officials say they expect to break ground on the first of the routes - along Paseo de la Reforma - by the end of the year, even as they continue to hurdle bureaucratic delays and flu-related setbacks that have pushed the program back six months from its previously scheduled start in the summer.

BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA /tiphat mcnamargo
[note by me:] This video is in Spanish, but is basically inspired by the ciclovía activities and also to pull women together as groups to encourage each other, gain confidence as city riders and debunk taboos and myths that cycling is a man-dominated 'sport'. One of the interview woman says that the rides are fun, that the city is great at night althgou sometimes there is glass on the streets. The rest needs no translation, it's all about taking it to the streets. Ride on sisters!

[From] Bogotá - 94 women in favor of the cycle-routes in the city have been riding together for two years now, about 23 km. from 7pm-10pm every Wednesday night.

LONDON, UK. We received a note by Phillip J. sharing with us this lovely chap picture, from the epidemic of the Tweed Rides. Here in San Francisco we are proud founders of Critical Mass. The tweed ride I suspect will become (it is already!) a global new stylish way of taking the streets. Ride on London!!!

watachap by (P Jay)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. And here in our beloved city, you all know we had a tremendous bike to work day. I came across this nicely done sweet video from Julie over at nicely done+informative blog mission loc@al: (I couldn't link the video file, so click on image to view the video)


  1. Isn't it funny how all over the world, it is only minor things that differentiate cyclists? Basically, we are all the same. You could grow one hell of an international peace movement on that!

  2. exactly.
    ♥bikers make better __everything____

  3. Awesome, thanks for the updates! So much bike progress going on around the world.