Tuesday, October 11, 2016

artuesday: up. down. night, and day.

couldn't wait until arthursday, so hi artuesday.

there are many good —great— memories i have earned riding way up (making them legs cry) and down monster mountains like these one below, just a few miles north from san francisco.

i have fond moments with two out of the three other ladies that have written this blog in the last few years. our lives are all on different roads however quasiparallel to each other, at times they intersect. at times we just missed each other. three of us are within single digit miles and a few bus stops away, and well, with caryl in the same state, coast and time zone.

i was reading a few graphical things as i try do every day and came across groovy one below.

the eye cannot stop seeing.
the mind cannot stop speeding.

mi brother's birthday is today. he would have turned 27.
it has taken years to be okay talking, without completely falling apart in an emotional spiral.

reposed, and observant, i try to stay afloat.

miss mi brother.
sometimes i miss bikes, and their incredible simple force and power. empowerment.
that freedom to feel every inch zooming as one rides down a long hill.
some days i feel incredibly scared to do it again some day, if ever.
some days i feel incredibly lucky to have experienced that so frequently.
and so on.
and that is okay.

i hope that wherever, you the reader, are — come across something as simple and complicated as a piece of art, you too go you back to this trip. with so many memories, so many contrasting feelings.

art is life.
art is powerful.

to nano, and october.
love, meli.

[more art by Sam Chivers on GrainEdit]
Wired Magazine


  1. Incredible! Thanks for sharing. Your reflections show your strength and character.

  2. That poster is our trip down the Marin mountain! Best ride ever! <3

  3. Nice artwork. Hope to see more from Sam Chivers.

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