Wednesday, June 12, 2013

critical mass riders in NBA playoffs, CTX does not root for them

how can this be? not when they are of the MIAMI HEAT! as you may recall a few months ago that lebron james, dwayne wade, and mario chalmers rode critical mass not too long ago. he threw up those pics on instagram with the hashtag #bikelife. brought to you by meliBROsa.

normally i would be rooting for the bike...but, well, they are playing my SAN ANTONIO SPURS.

i didn't easily find any pics of the SAN ANTONIO SPURS on bikes...but as you all know i'm from texas. and i want them to BEAT THE HEAT.

so it's all well and fine that critical mass participant and bike commuters are in the NBA playoffs, and hell, maybe their bike helped get them there...but this time, i hope they lose. cause really, we're so close to winning the NBA FINALS!


just keep playing like this!

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