Monday, August 13, 2012

Almost Hitched

Last weekend my friends Kimberly and Amandeep

Crazy San Franciscans

got married!  It was a weekend long affair that started for most of us with a bicycle ride across town.  Of course.

Deep had the sound system blowing, the rest of us followed along.  How can you resist a happy group ride of love?  You can't, so don't try to pretend otherwise.

I tried to get a shot or two of the bride along the way, but it just didn't happen before I ran out of film.  I did get this one, though.

Henna Hands

A few other moments-

Familial Joy

Deep taking his parents for a quick ride around the flower garden,

Wedding Rider

Our friend Sasha advertising for the cause,


Kevin (from here) and the love of his life,  MK(from here) who are a HUGE factor behind what makes riding in San Francisco FUN,

Alex & Gary

Alex and Gary spent the day being cute (my back went out just before the ride and Alex helped me put it back together because she is wonderful, Gary helped contribute to my back problems with his contributions to bicycling over the years : ) They were married, with bicycles, last year.)

There are more pictures of the wedding that followed, but you will have to wait for those.  They aren't back from the lab : )  I am pretty sure CTX has more than a few to contribute (BTW, she looked amazing at the wedding!!!!), too.



    Adrienne neglects to mention her various contributions that made our wedding what it was!


  2. i actually don't have many pics...because i saw you and KT had cameras. and i couldn't see much anyway, so it would have been a bunch of hair on the actual day (the only day i could make it due to the century).

    so...thanks for taking these pics. they are gorgeous.