Friday, April 20, 2012

friday fun times: donate bike parts edition

this weekend SATURDAY our friends over at san francisco yellow bike are collaborating with san francisco bike party and speakeasy brewery for a parts drive! donate your spare bike parts and bikes to SFYBP! and then drink some beer. responsibly of course. the SFBP ride meets at 3:30 in hayes valley and headed straight to the brewery.

flier by melinda collins

it is going to be a GORGEOUS weekend out in SF. already in a short sleeved dress. i hear some bikey bloggers will be trolling the streets of north beach. JUSSAYIN'

have fun y'all!


  1. Is the ride Sat or Sunday?

    we be visiting cuzin vinny. sup.

  2. bike bloggers and beer? so beneficial in a blend!

  3. Bike + Friends + Bear = Perfect weekend

    Enjoy :)