Wednesday, April 4, 2012

bike lane project...

this one is pretty exciting. it's in golden gate park along jfk drive. JFK has seen a few improvements in recent years, including a surface repaving which makes it feel like butter to ride to the beach. wheeee.

but now they are moving parking from curbside to create a curbside bike lane. protected bike lane!

Bike lane project

but...we have seen some people confused. to be honest, if i was a tourist and didn't know that the floating white paint meant a parking spot, i'd be confused too. but some people seem to be getting it. perhaps it's growing pains. i've seen this sort of parking in nyc, so i know it can catch on.

will post more pics of confusing white paint soon!


  1. I live out in the Inner Richmond and commute this way a lot. I haven't liked the change so far- I was riding in a river last week since the lane's closer to the curb (glad I have fenders) and the cars were a bit confused when they got closer to the stop signs for right turns. But to be fair, the construction doesn't seem finished, so I'll wait to pass my all-important judgement ;)

  2. yah, true, the construction doesn't seem to be quite finished. this past weekend when i was riding around, it just seemed like a bunch of white paint poured on the asphalt sort of like an abstract expressionist might do. i hope some sense can be made out of it.

  3. It was a bit worse today in GGP-hopefully they'll be adding green paint to the bike lanes:

  4. thanks for sharing!

    my boo got some excellent video of stuff this weekend that i will post once that is ready.

    in short, MUCHO CONFUSION. dooring is imminent. :-/