Monday, March 19, 2012

More Wax, Less Cargo

So the Batcyclegentleman is sporting a new "look"


After three years together, my daily bicycle has decided to spice things up with some facial hair. I think it happened, in part, after spending a bit of time at the ballpark under the influence of the Giants.

Although he very much wants one, I have had to point out to The Bat that a beard would drag in the front wheel so he will have to stop at the mustache and be happy with that. What do you think? Am I being too conservative here? Should I let him grow a beard, as well?

Team loyalty is only one factor in my ride's choice to go hipster. The other would be the fact that I abused my front rack to such an extent that it decided to snap and become useless (the rear cassette has decided to take my rack's advice and fail from neglect, too).


I was about to put a new front rack on the Bat because I love my front basket. I have one on each of my bicycles!

PCH Panda

Except, I have decided I like my Bat much better without my front basket! Can you hear the collective San Francisco intake of shocked breath at the statement? A San Francisco city bicycle sans basket? The scandal!! I may have to turn in my bike card.