Friday, March 2, 2012

friday fun times: mixte parking only

things were looking a little mixte-crazy over on a bike rack at a busy intersection in SF recently.

Mixte parking only.

they must have put up a sign saying "mixte only plz. kthx."

it's not every day you see three mixtes parked up on bike racks. i would love to see that happen more often. mixture of the old and the new. it's all good.

happy friday y'all!


  1. My first road bike was this awesome maroon Nishiki mixte, and as such I have always had a soft sport for them. Can't say I've ever seen three in one spot though!

  2. i've only see a bunch of mixtes while hanging out with friends. never (mostly) randomly like this. was kinda rad :)

    i was riding with a friend that has a mixte too, but was more for transportation purposes, not for fun.

    i think the mixte you can't see very well is a nishiki! but not maroon, but more of a rose color.