Thursday, September 1, 2011

figuring it out together. biking in LA with babies.

guess who has a new haircut? and a big smile. why is that smile so big?

mateo trailer bici

cause someone is now on the back of the bike.

mateo bici 2

this story is as much mateo's as it is his mom's. she's been trying to figure out how to ride a bike in LA, with not as many friends that are as into bikes like some of her friends back in SF, her hometown.

mateo bici 4

so, being the smart and tough cookie that she is, she just dived into it headfirst and now has the bike and the trailer that works for her to go with it.

mateo bici 3

look at that smile. i asked his mom how he liked it. these are her words: he liked it, and was laughing! he was also a little confused, like WTF is this contraption?

heh. indeed. looks like there's room in there for two. bike party time! EL LAY kiddo style. yah, he might have a sticker. or three. time to add music to that bike. elmo sound system anyone?


  1. Pack the snacks, a pillow to lean on when sleepy and a few books and toys and you are good to go!!!!!!

  2. Adorable!

    I would love to be carted around like that all day. :)

  3. The trailer is a 2 kid trailer so yesterday I put Mateo and Scout, Mateo's stuffed animal =)