Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wind In My Hair

It has been SUPER windy around here lately. My hair has become an impediment. It actually makes it impossible to see sometimes.

Windy Hair

At these times, I go back to the 50's and pull out the scarves. They are great, with a couple of hair clips to keep it in place. Should you be a helmet wearer, it would disguise helmet hair as well!


  1. I pull mine back into a ponytail then wrap a rolled bandana around my head in summer. Sometimes I wear a visor instead. In winter I wear a flatcap. My hair is long and has the thinness of old age. It is down past my shoulder blades and blows in my face even if I just read the word windy.
    I suppose if I was a real man I would shave my head.
    You look lovely, of course, as usual.

  2. OF- I think you should get a nice silk scarf and the two of us can pretend we are Doris Day and Grace Kelly : )

  3. One of the few advantages of being a baldy?

  4. You looked absolutely stunning! i love this look ! my fav is with the hair down Judy Im going to try this just for everyday without the necklace on the head .