Saturday, April 9, 2011

SF/Sunday Streets, LA/CicLAvia

San Francisco will be jumping during our 2nd Sunday Streets event of the year! 6 continuous miles of beautiful, wonderful, open CAR FREE space!!! Come see what your world could look like, and just how much noise you live with everyday (you really notice when it is gone!) The weather will be great and there will be plenty of room to ride, hula, skate, sunbathe, lie in the middle of the road, throw frisbees, ... Click on the map for a larger version.

Los Angeles will be doing the same thing for their second year! Get out there Angelinos! Go see what LA was like before it was turned into what it is now. It is amazing how quiet and tranquil the city can be when you give it a chance.

Now, imagine what it would be like if this was the map for a really big car free party for all!

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