Thursday, October 8, 2009

Street Clothes Are For Commuting

I'll just say this right off the bat- I am envious of how cute Dottie is over at "Let's Go Ride A Bike". OK, I am envious of how cute a lot of the bloggers out there are, but I promised myself to keep this post short so as not to alienate too many of the guys out there.

Today, I found myself thinking of Dottie as I got dressed for my day's errands. This is what came out of that-

Now, before you say " but there is no way I could wear that when I ride", all I can say is try it. I rode 17 miles around San Francisco like this, 8 miles with Declan on the back. I was just as comfortable as I was in my true bike clothes over the weekend (OK, more so because my head was freeeeeeeee).


  1. free head & hair. nothing better!

    i love the skirt! speaking of, it goes so well with your hair. :)

  2. I second that emotion! Fabulous skirt, FABULOUS colour - good work! (That shade of green is my fave) I was in Paris this week and saw ladies cycling in cool clothes, killer heels and awesome hair-dos - will post some pics soon - THAT is the way to cycle in style!

  3. That first shot is Vogue worthy. Even if the ancient Chinese secret is "fortuitous accident," it is nonetheless impressive and am impressed.

  4. Oh gosh, I just saw this! What a nice birthday surprise. You totally flatter me - you're very much an inspiration for ME. I try to be a tough chick on a bike like you. Super chic outfit; love the lacy cleavage (am I allowed to say that?) :)

  5. Cali & Mark- thank you!

    KFG- how about Brigitte instead : )

    Dottie- Happy birthday! And it is probably better that you bring up my cleavage than some others I can think of : P

  6. Ahhh, I wasn't aware of Brigitte. I'll have to make an effort to keep my eye on that one. Thanks. I find the admission that they've been secretly photoshopping the girls to "fatten" them up very telling.

    I admit I'm rather fond of slender, but when I think "slender" I think Grace Kelly, not "Jaaaaaaaaaysus, Mary and Josesph! How in the world did they manage to cram heels onto a Tootsie Pop?"