Monday, October 12, 2009

Check out our friends photos!

Eddie Merckx (photo tiphat to boberelli)
This is to our friend Eric, the wool jersey extraordinaire. Here he is, looking good as always:
Eric & The Petaluma Bridge
Eric's photos:
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Also, how I first learned about this ride was via Lee, and he said a quick hello on the bridge, here are some of the links he shares with us (in the comments feed) of his and his friends thanks Lee! :)
SF Randonneurs Populaire 10.3.9
Mike & Lee

And here is also a nice set by jimgskoop: 2009.10.03 - SFR 115k Populaire

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Alrite, now that we have flooded you with riding pictures, it is your turn to send us [cylrab-at-gmail] or add to our flickr pool, your story and some pictures to go with them, okay! /xo♥m

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  1. Really lovely idea for your blog! Bike's! <3
    Keeping the good work! :)