Wednesday, July 17, 2013

bay area bike share is finally here and accepting memberships

i signed up, despite having a bike. i'm member 327! i'll get a shirt and a special key. i don't really care what the color of my key is, but i do care that the bay area is FINALLY getting in on the action (as a pilot program).

go here if you want to join. they have different pricing programs, including those who will be visiting the area. the cities so far include SF, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Jose. i don't visit those cities much, but it's cool to think i can caltrain without fearing "being bumped" and ride around those cities if i so choose. looking forward to the additions of berkeley and oakland, i do not know what the status is of those cities though.

screenshot by sf streetsblog

the sf bike coalition has a dedicated page to discussing the bay area bike share. comes with cute graphics seen below.

note the 7-speed hub. bay area baby. nyc only gets 3 speeds. heh. screenshot via inhabitat.

fingers crossed this works out! we need more than a pilot program with bikes! bart has a pilot program with bikes, and now this pilot program. they will work, just put forth the program. people will use it, and it will be successful. especially if this is any indication...

leonardo dicaprio riding a citibike

now just get a pic of ryan goseling on a citibike and oh haaay gurl!

UPDATED the pic of leo. whatup fan girl? hehe.


  1. I may have said this in one of your earlier posts but, I hope it goes well for you. The bikeshare in Toronto is a bust and my city (Hamilton, Ontario) wants to replicate their failed model!

    1. thanks again for your insightful comments. i too hope it doesn't fail! here's hoping. in the meantime, you and i will be watching them with eagle eyes!

  2. 360 for me, and I ordered the t-shirt too. I'm a little surprised they haven't passed 1000 by now.

    1. i'm a little surprised too, but it doesn't seem super well advertised beyond bikey/transit geek circles. as wilson said above, this needs to work otherwise the pilot program will remain just that.