Thursday, December 6, 2012

Arthursday: Bicycle Film Festival 2012 Compliation

i've got video making on the brain lately. as such, i wandered to youtube/vimeo to see what i could find for today's edition of Arthursday.

here's a compliation of the submission to the bicycle film festival. we've talked about films we've seen there on the blog before. check it out if you are in a city where it is showing (it travels around the globe). last time i went to the festival, i heard the organizer said he's tired of coming to SF cause the gospel of the bike is already spoken. (hint: that doesn't mean you shouldn't show films here!)

either way, this is a nice compilation of bikes on film, digital or otherwise, a medium we rather love. enjoy!


  1. fun little piece, great find! im gonna show mi older nephew
    i have the biggest UK strange crush on mark ronson.. <3