Monday, December 19, 2011

Half Way

Red, Grey and Blue
3 of 4 colour choices (cream not pictured)

We are more than half way to our World Bicycle Relief goal! Six wonderful people have come forward and sacrificed a week's coffee budget for the purpose of getting someone in Africa a life changing bicycle. A huge thanks to you 6! Your scarves will be going out this week (the first 3 today, the next three over the next few days as I finish knitting them!) .

One of our donors was able to get her employer to match her $15! So while I don't count that to our goal, it is still fantastic! And even better? Now through Dec 31st, all donations to WBR are being matched dollar for dollar!!! So everything we do goes twice as far!

If you have been thinking of giving, now is the time! $15 donated in honor of "Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!" and verified to our address ( will not only get you a hand made by me scarf, it will be turned into $30 by WBR and it will help change someone's life in ways we can scarcely imagine.

For more info read here and here.

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  1. Not sure where my last comment went. Eenyways, as I said, thanks so much for doing this. It's really wonderful of you. Now that you've brought it to my awareness, I'll make future donations to WBR.

    I'm hoping for a cream or gray scarf. :) Let me know if you need more info from me.

    Happy holidays to everyone at CYLRAB!