Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can You Spot Me?

Meli brought my attention to these cute, reflective buttons the other day.

I believe Meli likes the hearts

The best thing is they are reflective, cute and you can put them anywhere- a jacket, a messenger bag, the back cuff of your trousers...and they are made by hand which puts it over the top!

Unfortunately, Spot Me does not ship outside of the UK. Perhaps one of you UK readers could try them out and let us know what you think. We all love reflective stuff here at the blog!


  1. My wife has actually kind of been considering making some things similar to this... will let you know :D

  2. "Unfortunately, Spot Me does not ship outside of the UK."

    Fortunately, they're just fabric buttons which are dirt simple to make yourself.

  3. I'd love if they'd ship to the US! They may be easy to make, but I want probably half a dozen buttons at most - not quite worth the investment to buy a button press myself.

  4. Button making kits are pretty cheap, at least they used to be. There is a certain satisfaction in the hammering part of the process, as I recall. Getting reflective fabric that is flexible enough can be challenging and not everyone has a sewing machine that can free sew like that (you have to have a quilting arm, which I do have). All in all, much easier if someone else is doing it : )

  5. "sewing machine"

    Have we really come to that to make a simple, little heart? It takes a bit of floss, a needle and maybe ten minutes.

  6. To make one or two, stitching designs would not be difficult. Making a bunch more would be tedious and would require me making me own little child labour sweatshop in the living room : )

  7. "require me making me own little child labour sweatshop in the living room"

    Yeah? How do you think I learned to do it? :)