Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A new love is born.

My friend muffin, has been my 6yr. 'project' we have been friends for that long, and we have only bike together twice. One of them I told her I'd meet her for happy hour drinks downtown, and I ended up picking her up on a tandem for critical mass, she had no choice.

from February ♥Bikes and the City: Double Trouble

Might sound odd but we are the perfect example of opposites attract on a high friendship level. Anyhow, so this is not her story *yet, this is her story in-the-making.

It all started with an email from Dave in combination with her recent trip to Europe. She told me that I'd be so proud of her because she biked every hwere around Berlin for a few days. All she could talk about was bikes and bikes and Berlin and Berlin. Oh my, I thought, has my long-term poking and influence about bikes finally soaked in a little?

click to view it larger

The above photo, she took in Munich. She said that she had to do a double-take because it could have been me and the frenchie out there! haaa, I could see that.. If there was a coffee shop around, that is. Anyhow, I have yet to see more pictures she took while in Europe, but more on that later.

Dave, who is our flickr™ friend, (Frisco Bay Sting Rays) had this bike:

picture by Dave

Fast forward two or three weeks, and it is in hands of a very, very happy owner, who is so eager to get it up and going (it is in pretty good shape, just a little TLC is needed ;) We are hoping to get some work done this Saturday to make the Schwinn appearance for Sunday Streets, but we will see. It is a nice addition to the mixte little family within a family we have here in the city, and can't wait to see how her story of new experiences around the city, unfolds. ♥Ride on!! /xo.meligrosa


  1. Ride it, baby! You will be hooked : )

  2. in the mixte picture is pretty awesome! love the backround. city lights and buildings~ nice lookin' 'model' too! cant wait to read her bike story in the future!

  3. Glad to see Germany had a positive efect on Muffin. Now you're hooked, there'S no escape...

  4. Hi all Adrienne,Meli and Muffin wow so glad to have met you all,I am so happy you could give that bike a new life before it ended up in my backyard I will tell my bro Big AL who I got the bike from,take care see you guys on the streets of San Francisco.