Tuesday, April 26, 2011

like a pack of wild coyotes

roaming the streets as cyborgs with ponies.

here's a video someone sent in via chat to the blog. looks like it's a year old, but wow. combines a lot of great things the blog likes to celebrate such as sending kids off on a bike (gonna have to just trust a little bit), and images of native americans riding vintage tour de france bicycles. so awesome. teri, a painter who grew up in los angeles, where she felt like the only biker in LA, now resides in berkeley and talks about her daughter, her grandfather and her painting.

here, take a look.

thanks for sending this in, and remember we love submissions! definitely need to check out more of streetsblog's videos if they made more like these. awesome.

Street Portraits - Terri from charlotte buchen on Vimeo.


  1. time to kick some video ass!! i would love to see one of her shows!

  2. i would too! imma look her up. those paintings are amazing.